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    strong rise

    Rui Nian International was established in 1997

    With the "Shun" licensing and the "Shun" business, Ruinian became the first enterprise to advocate "Shun Culture".

    Rui Nian meets the quintessence of Chinese culture for five thousand years. Shun card is born next to Lingshan Buddha and is full of love. It is full of the thirst for the 1.3 billion Chinese descendants and prays that China will enter the good times.

    Shun - one of the eternal desires of mankind! The whole world needs “shun culture”: everyone needs to be smooth, China needs to be smooth, the Olympics need to be smooth, and the world needs to be smooth!

    Shunpai herbal tea will co-exist with the domestic herbal tea corps, grasp and control the general trend of consumption, and hold a large herbal tea drink, a national industry and a big market, proclaim and honor the herbal herbal tea culture, and enlarge and strengthen the nation-state of China. drink. "The needs of the people and the people who use it, and the situation will come into being." Shun brand will definitely provide a rich and satisfactory return for investors and consumers!

    Great culture, especially strong

    Take advantage of the trend, born on the card

    In 2008, the tried and tested Chinese people’s thirst for “shun” increased sharply. In particular, the satisfaction and release of “shun” was needed. It’s time for Tianshi’s genius to be “shun” and the Chinese’s “shun culture” to be revived! The Chinese "Shun" brand came into being!

    Shuntian, smooth, smooth, homeopathic, on the way

    —— "Let the Chinese go along"

    Comply with the people's heart, Shun culture

    What the Chinese people pursued in the past five thousand years is a "shun":

    In accordance with the smoothness of the will of the people, the smoothness of the people's hearts, the smoothness of the smooth and the wind, the peace of the country, the smoothness of the weather, the smoothness of the weather, the smooth sailing, the smoothness of the wind, the smooth progress of everything...

    Who should not go?

    The country must be smooth, the society must be smooth, the enterprise must be smooth, the life should be smooth, the work should be smooth, the business should be smooth, and the body should be smooth...

    Who does not expect to be happy every day?

    This is the greatest desire of the Chinese people in the period of high-speed transition and stress!

    Megatrend, the market is particularly smooth

    The trend of herbal tea is unstoppable

    The trend of herbal tea: According to the survey data of the national authorities, the market size of herbal tea in 2006 reached more than 4.6 billion, and in 2007 it reached more than 10 billion. In 2008, the industry forecast will exceed 20 billion. Especially in 2008, national self-confidence and cultural dignity inspired the unprecedented enthusiasm of the Chinese people. In the beverage industry, herbal tea has gained momentum and is a foregone conclusion. The development of the herbal tea market has been in a blowout trend. Zhang Daqian, president of the China Branch of the World Beverage Association, said: For the entire herbal tea market, it is only the initial stage. The prospect of the herbal tea market is immeasurable, and 20 billion is just the beginning!

    Great creation, the product is particularly smooth

    Shun brand herbal tea, Yishun Baishun

    Shun card function - smoldering, natural and smooth, not only smooth, but also smooth, smooth, smooth, everything is smooth!

    Shun Brand Herbal Tea - directly cuts into the consumer's psychological, emotional and cultural values. Beyond the "primary stage of herbal tea - afraid of getting angry!", refined "the deep value of herbal tea - smooth!". Accurate brand positioning will naturally create strong sales momentum!

    Shun brand packaging - The thick and heavy calligraphy body "shun", the atmosphere is smooth; the holy cloud of the clouds around the protection, noble and elegant; red and white, pleasing and simple... people can not help but want to hold in their hands, only With packaging, it can be exciting and open the market, which is a classic.

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    Address: No. 68, Meiliang Road, Mashan, Binhu District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province

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